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Welcome to Engineer Real Estate

Starting my real estate investing career, I was overwhelmed with data. While my background is in engineering and I’m known to love data, numbers, and charts, it is extremely easy to not know where to start. What data is relevant, and how do I sift through the noise of today’s clickbaiting media presenting articles predicting the next crash or the next investment promising 1000% returns?

Engineer Real Estate exists to share easily consumable data trends and insights to other data-craving real estate investors. At the start, the focused market is Massachusetts simply because this is where I live and invest my time and money.

In the future, we look to deploy automation tools to save time and money on tasks that are either monotonous and/or bottlenecks to your business and investment growth. We will also look to expand to help investors in other markets in the U.S.

Thank you for joining and looking forward to growing this data-focused community.



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